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A 1-4 player multiplayer online game (with bots), Desert Island Duel pits four mighty pirates against each other in their search for treasure. Follow your map, dig in the sand and reap the booty! Sound simple? Don't count on it! Not only are there 3 other pirates awaiting to thwart your every move there are skeletons at night (thanks to the full day/night cycle), booby traps, bees, bad weather and more!

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How to play
Each player starts on one corner of the island, near their boat. Using the map (press M to enlarge) dig at the marked points to uncover treasure chests, coins, or ammo. On uncovering a chest grab it and return it to your boat before another player takes it! Of course the pirating doesn't stop there - if you see somebody else's boat unattended, grab their treasure for yourself, quick!

Besides other players the island contains several hazards - during the day players may be chased by swarms of bees which can be deterred by jumping in the sea or placing down a decoy. Bees will also hide when it rains or thunders. During the night the skeletal remains of previous treasure hunters will emerge and continue their never ending quest for treasure! The skeletons can also be distracted with decoys, but fear the light too, which damages them, so make sure to carry a lantern with you! Be warned, these skeletons may make off with any unattended treasure lying around... If you kill a skeleton it might drop a coin or two.

Barrels frequently wash ashore and can contain health (in the form of food), coins or ammo, items such as flares or decoys, or may even be booby trapped with gunpowder so break them open with care! Sometimes a barrel may merely contain a harmless sea-dweller.


  •  Flares. These look like rockets and are found in barrels. Launch one of these to call in a barrage of cannon fire from your offshore galleon.
  • Decoys. The creepy looking decoys are actually your friend! Place one down to distract bees or skeletons that may otherwise attack you.
  • Spooky Skull. These haunted skulls will, when placed, put up a small shield which will curse any player who touches it, reversing their controls for a short amount of time. Place one by your boat for added security!
  • Mines. These ominous black devices can be buried anywhere and look like any other buried treasure - but contain an explosive booby trap!

Weather comes and goes on the the island - while it's mostly sunny it can and will rain sometimes. Occasionally a full on storm will kick in, so watch out for lightning strikes, they tend to prove lethal...

Every pirate has a trusty sword as well as a pistol. Pistols are powerful, have a long range, but have limited ammo, so keep an eye out for barrels which may contain more ammo. When fighting remember to use the strafe button so you can continue to face your opponent while dodging, weaving and delivering those mighty blows.

Desert Island Duel is open source and released as part of OSGC - the open source game collection. Find out more about it on its itch page here!

Revision History


  • Updates to the latest version of xygine for improved stability


  • Fixes for players rejoining the lobby after a game finishes


  • Prevent clients rejected for trying to join mid-game from accidentally removing serverside bots
  • Improve appearance of chat text and increase length of messages in lobby
  • Bots now target other player boats when round timer is running


  • Initial release


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That's funny, yesterday I recommended your OSGC in a forum and especially mentioned Desert Island Duel as my favourite and today you update it. :)

Thanks for the recommendation! Sorry it's not a big update - eventually I want to add split screen for local play too. If you have any feedback or suggestions please let me know!